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Starlilly Feminine Wellness & BIRTHING SERVICES MINISTRIES

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Ipokni Herbal Yoni Steam Thrones


Starlilly Cottage Metaphysical Store & Imports presents our Vintage Yoni Steaming Chair Collection. We are proud to offer unique refurbished & hand crafted Yoni Steam Seats. These seats are one of a kind designs to comfortably sit while receiving the healing benefits of herbal steam infusions in the comfort of your own home. Created with impeccable refurbishing and craftsmanship our seats bring a since of "Grandmother Womb Wisdom" to the User. Some of our chairs date back as far as the year of 1926, some are foldable as others have great character, design and sturdiness to last through generations. 

Featured in picture:

Beautiful Natural Oak Wood Herbal Steaming Throne infused with the wisdom of our Indigenous Grandmothers. Wicker backing. Each Ipokni Throne is one of a kind vintage creation, uniquely refurbished & designed. Originally manufactured in 1926 and of folding style for your on the go and travel needs!

Ipokni Thrones are used to release generational womb trauma by way of herbal infusions. Intended for healing your seat of creation through soul release work, forgiveness meditation and attracting infinite wisdom to assist all areas of your life, health, wisdom, creativity, abundance, wealth, prosperity and more....


Length: 33"

Width: 16"

Height: 16"

Visit us: for more information regarding Yoni Steaming Herbs, Feminine Wellness and Herbal Yoni Steaming.

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Call to order your very own "Vintage Yoni Steam Throne" today! 

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