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Starlilly Feminine Wellness & BIRTHING SERVICES MINISTRIES

Specializing in Pregnancy, Childbirth & Feminine Wellness Support Services Since 2013

Call for Womb Consultation or Birth Support (978) 999-2416


A Doula is someone who upholds Our birthing culture by aiding, assisting, comforting, informing and supporting Mommy's and Daddy's and their Families through their pregnancy, birth, labor, and postpartum experience. 

Being a Mother of three children, (two girls and one boy) and a Doula and Holistic Childbirth Wellness Instructor through UBUNTU WELLNESS ACADEMY, I use so much of my own personal experience during my work. I support and administer information in the selection of home and hospital births, birthing options and styles and assist Parents with creating their overall Birthing Plans. I have experience working along side of midwives in home birth settings as well as hospital and birthing center facilities and am continuing my education to pursue my education in Traditional Midwifery. I am also a certified RA Sekhi/Reiki Energy

Healer receiving my education through RA SEKHI Healing Arts Temple and have worked in the Los Angeles community as a parenting/prenatal instructor for over 12 years assisting, instructing and advocating for mothers with mental disabilities and there babies and children.

What Starlilly offers:

Role and Deep Connection with Mommy and Baby: Holistic Wellness and Nutrition; Light Housekeeping, Birth Coaching Encouragement and Guidance; Womb & Pregnancy Wellness and Prenatal Yoga with care emphasis on breathing, mantras, centering and guided visionary meditation and understanding the Raw Kinetic Orgasmic experience in which labor and birth truly is. *Postpartum support is highly recommended as Mommy needs all the pampering, upliftment and empowerment more than ever before. 

Starlilly Birthing provides and instructs such pregnancy empowerment & healing modalities such as Pregnancy messages, Belly casting keepsake, Placenta encapsulation, Placenta preservation via plant life, "Pregnancy Beautiful Belly Bead Creations" and Emotion and Anxiety Release through Art on Canvas as well as Breathing & Soul Centering. "See our Belly Baskets that assemble into Pregnancy and Birthing Altars which allow women to channel and honor the power of pregnancy and the Goddesses who represent fertility and childbirth.

Additional services offered are effective herbal womb nourishment, aromatherapy support which also includes birthing a Mommy's herbal garden. Pregnancy Nutrition & Pregnancy Yoga is offered as well. Mommy's are supported to agreed upon prenatal appointments and support is provided with locating local resources to provide additional services that the family may benefit from. Information provided about childbirth rights, labor, delivery and postpartum decisions & planning are assisted. Starlilly is also a certified Reiki & Heart Energy Healing Practitioner who offers chakra balancing, massage, crystal healing and sound therapy. "Available upon request".ged to visit family at their home or mine, labor & birth attendance, postpartum support for the first 6 weeks after delivery. Depending on what point a family agrees and accepts services with Starlilly Birthing Services rates and services may be adjusted & pro-rated accordingly.

Costs & Fees

I accept payment arrangements as the foundation of my services include: Phone support on call 24 hours, Weekly visits; can be arranged to visit family at their home or mine, labor & birth attendance, postpartum support for the first 6 weeks after delivery. Depending on what point a family agrees and accepts services with Starlilly Birthing Services rates and services may be adjusted & pro-rated accordingly. 

Starlilly advocates against infant mortality by offering the highest possible services that meet the overall needs of the family's pregnancy experience. Family planning and fertility guidance is also available.

After Birth Yoni Steaming

Assists Mommy with restoration, energy and the vitality she needs to support herself, her baby and the healing of her body. Childbirth is a serious ordeal involving all systems of the body, as well as the spirit & mind. One of the ways we prevent postpartum depression is through Postpartum herbal tea blends that administer restoration and revitalization qualities of healing while providing nutrients and vitamins to all systems of the body. This combination after birth plus the love, observation, research and assurance from a Doula for a new Mommy gives her more strength and confidence in handling her situation whether it be older siblings she has to care for, family transition challenges, relationship challenges, and in some cases a lost of a love one in the same time that a birth occurs. There are times when souls leave this earthly plane and arrive at the same time and many times we really do not give thought to the special circumstances that Mothers

have to go through to adjust after having a new baby, but Starlilly Birthing does. That is why we make it our number one priority to provide this type of care & consideration in our Doula package.

Placenta Encapsulation & Tinctures

Belly Binding

Inquire within regarding Our Certified Birthworker/Doula Program through UBUNTU Wellness Academy.

Sis Omitola Ogunsina, Owner & Founder.

UBUNTU means "I AM Because We Are!"



Become a Holistic Birth Doula and serve your community!

Holistic Birth Doula Training - 12 Weeks

Covering Family Planning & Pregnancy 

November 2, 2021 through February 2, 2022

Holistic Postpartum Doula Training/Parenting Education - 12 Weeks

February 24, 2022 through May 20, 2022

Healthy Happy Baby Love!

Baby Sydney, at 3 mos. 

Postpartum Support

Postpartum support is extremely important to all Mothers no matter if it is their first pregnancy or the ninth. Starlilly supports Mommy's & Daddy's after the birth of their babies with the following afterbirth events:


Breastfeeding & Lactation Education- Latching on

Placenta Encapsulation

Breast pumping, packaging & proper storage

Herbal Education to increase milk flow

Difficulties with feeding - alternatives - Sea Moss Formula

Baby Blues a.k.a. postpartum depression - herbal blends and blood cleanser from Pitocin and various IV meds.

See article:

Mommy & Womb Care


Closing of the Bones

7th day afterbirth steaming

Womb yoga

Womb massage

Body Massage

Herbal Baths

Belly Binding

Crystal Energy Healing/Womb Reiki

Hypnotherapy, Meditation & Affirmations

Crown Breathing

Placenta Encapsulation


Infant Care

Infant Safety

Care of Umbilicus attachment to Placenta - Lotus Birth







Establishing & implementation of Routine, Rest & Rest

Address Infant conditions such as:

Diaper rash


Ear infection


Natural products made and available upon request for purchase

Additional Support

Cooking - Food preparation

Light House Cleaning


Miscarriage and Stillbirth Support

Starlilly supports parents who have experience event of fetal womb transition. Loss of the attachment of the Soul within has been traumatic for women across the ages and Starlilly assists this process. Just remember with all things in this life we can get through whatever we are presented with. Please feel free to call for counsel and receive love, inner standing and the compassion your family needs at this time. Herbal spiritual baths and afterbirth steaming are highly suggested. 

Afterbirth Yoni steaming also available upon request. Please inquire within.