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Starlilly Feminine Wellness & BIRTHING SERVICES MINISTRIES

Specializing in Pregnancy, Childbirth & Feminine Wellness Support Services Since 2013

Call for Womb Consultation or Birth Support (978) 999-2416

"Upholding Our Indigenous Birth & Feminine Wellness Culture" - Rev. Nova Burch

Reverend Sistar Nova Burch

Founder & CEO, Starlilly Birthing Services

Owner at Starlilly Yoni Steam Feminine Wellness & Retreat Spa Ministries

[email protected]

Hours operation: M-S; 24 hours/on call Doula Support

Yoni Steaming/Womb Effleurage & Feminine Wellness Consultation by appt. only

(978) 999-2416 

Certified Birthworker/Doula & Instructor

Studying Traditional Midwifery

Certified Yoni/Lingam Steam Priestess & Instructor

Certified Womb Health Consultant

Certified Personal Aide Assistant

Certified Womb Yoga Instructor

Kemetic & Heart Reiki Practitioner

Naturopath Student/Practitioner

Produce Purveyor/Farmer


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My name is Rev. Nova Burch affectionately known in the community as Nova Kafele, owner of Starlilly Yoni Steam Feminine Wellness & Retreat Spa Ministries - Starlilly Birthing Services.

Eye AM a doula/birthworker - meaning Eye support Mommy's with the information, techniques and guidance in having a positive, natural and holistic pregnancy. Eye have been a Doula, since they allowed me in Labor & Delivery and have witnessed, held and cared for the majority of my nieces and nephews, friends babies and of course my own. Eye had my first baby at the tender age of 19 and and even though Eye lacked knowledge and wisdom at that time Eye loved motherhood then as Eye still do today along with the daily challenges and triumphs that each phase of parenting brings. It is my KNOWing that WE meaning Womben, when giving birth are creating a world of Starseed Worldchangers and to achieve that we must be healthy in Our Own Wombs, Minds and Bodies. My love for Love, Babies, and all that comes along with pregnancy and postpartum is what drew me to studying anatomy & physiology as it relates to birthing.

Eye AM a Kemetic Reiki Energy Healer where Eye received my certification through RA SEKHI Healing Arts under the Foundership of my Teacher Nia Kajara Yaa. Eye received my certification as a Doula/Birthworker through UBUNTU Birth Workers Collective/Divine Waters Wellness Institute under the Foundership of my Teacher Omitola Ogunsina where now Eye am a childbirth educator and Doula instructor. Eye currently share my knowledge and uplift the Family structure in many communities. Eye furthered my studies to receive my Practitioner-Priestess training in the art and craft of Vaginal/Yoni Steaming through The YONI Steam Institute under the Foundership of my Teacher, Sat Ra Sobukwe So'Daye. From this knowledge Eye AM now able to offer herbal Yoni Steaming to my Mommy's afterbirth which helps balance, tone, deliver excess afterbirth and supports of the emotional well being of the Mother after she gives birth. Above all Eye give thanks to the Most High Energy for bestowing me with the knowledge, interest and motivation to assist women and men in the world with their healing journeys. Eye received my Womb Yoga certification through The Yoni Steam Institute under the divine instruction of Mama Sanovia Muhammad. Eye give Special, Whole and Complete thanks to Mother Queen Afua, author of "Sacred Woman" for without her scholarship, energy and love for her people this information would may have not crossed any of our paths in the way that it has and for that Eye speak, Asè, and so it is.

What is a Doula?

A Doula is someone who upholds Our birthing culture by aiding, assisting, comforting, informing and supporting Mommy's and Daddy's and their Families through the pregnancy/birth/labor/postpartum experience.

Being a Mother of three children, (two girls and one boy) and a Doula and Holistic Childbirth Wellness Instructor Eye use so much of my own personal experiences to assist and edify my work. Eye support and administer information in the selection of home and hospital births, birthing options and styles and assist Parents with creating their overall Birthing Plans. Eye have experience working along side of midwives in home birth settings as well as hospital and birthing center facilities and am continuing my education to pursue my education in Traditional Midwifery. Past training and experience involved working in the Los Angeles community as a parenting/prenatal instructor for over 12 years assisting and advocating for mothers with mental disabilities and their children. Services involved Prenatal and Postpartum instruction/Parenting Instruction/Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities. Starlilly is proud to service disadvantaged as well as rural communities with Doula Support/Feminine Wellness with Support, Training and Education. We ask that you donate to the funding and support our mission.

Give thanks!

Please visit our "Doula Love" page for more information regarding registration for online Doula Career training's with Ubuntu Wellness Academy.

In addition, Eye assist Womben with Release Work and as a Yoni Steam Practitioner where Eye guide Womben with past womb trauma and feminine and sexually related issues with supporting the rediscovery of their divine strengths and power through cleansing, detoxing, affirmations, virtue discovery, goddess altar raising and Yoni Steaming. Yoni Steaming contains a multitude of healing benefits that meet women's needs spiritually, physically and psychologically. Yoni Steaming is encouraged to be included in Our monthly regimen to maintain a balanced and disease free uterus/womb. Eye receive many clients who come to me seeking relief and healing from womb related conditions such as PCOS, uterine fibroids, menopause, hysterectomy post/prevention, cervical dysplasia dysmenorrhea, prolapse uterus, hormonal imbalance, and more. Eye teach Women to care for themselves in a manner in which they become their Own Soul Healers. Eye also teach purification and detox sessions for Men and their reproductive systems through Lingam/Prostate smudging, detox packs & herbal vapor, Reiki healing and chakra balancing, journal fire release and affirmations. Male reproductive health and relationship support, healthy fertility and family planning is an extremely important component within Starlilly for Our Wombs HEAL Our Menfolk!

Services Summary: Eye offer holistic relationship wisdom throughout the pregnancy as well as postpartum with emphasis on the Fathers Role and Deep Connection with Mommy and Baby; Holistic Wellness and Nutrition; Birth Coaching Encouragement and Guidance; Womb & Pregnancy Wellness and Prenatal Yoga with core emphasis on breathing, chants, centering and guided meditation. Starlilly also assists midwives at hospital and home births. Eye support Mommy's to 3 prenatal appointments, (or on an as needed basis depending on the nature of the pregnancy).

Starlilly offers holistic pregnancy support and childbirth education with emphasis on breastfeeding & lactation. Belly casting keepsake, Placenta encapsulation, Placenta preservation via plant life, Pregnancy Beautiful Belly Bead Creations and Emotion and Anxiety Release through Art on Canvas. Belly Baskets that assemble into Pregnancy and Birthing Altars are available for purchase. Herbal and aromatherapy is offered to assist tension and anxiety release. Commencing a "Mommy's Herbal Garden" is highly encouraged! Pregnancy Nutrition, herbal teas, postpartum and Womb Yoga offered as well.

Additional services are Kemetic Reiki & Heart Energy Healing, chakra balancing, crystal vibration raising and sound therapy. 

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Starlilly Yoni Steam Feminine Wellness & Retreat Spa Ministries.

Love Offerings & Donations to Our Ministries are appreciated and accepted!